Mr Allan Winn – Brooklands Museum – Director

The Challenge
GMACK were employed to construct an accurate and operational replica of the Brooklands Racing Circuit Scoreboard as it was prior to the circuit closing to be taken over for aircraft manufacture for the war in 1939. Although some outline design work had been carried out, this was not necessarily based on research of the original. The research, design and construction had to be carried out simultaneously and completed over a 3 month period to be complete for unveiling at a significant Brooklands anniversary event.

The Solution
GMACK sought and employed subcontractors able to carry out traditional rivetted steelwork and handcraft jointed carpentry. The team began researching and sharing archive photography and film footage and quickly realised that the outline design required to be changed in various respects to ensure accuracy with the original. Construction detailing allowed the foundation to be cast early and fully cure in sufficient time. The steelwork was detailed and signed off in stages allowing the time consuming rivetted columns to go into manufacture whilst the detailing of the moving counterbalanced scoreboard carriage was still being developed. Simultaneously, research had clarified that the timber “hut” and gantry had several evolutions between 1907 and 1939, which determined the construction methodology. As the steelwork and timber designs were being developed, the information was shared throughout the team to ensure a final co-ordinated design.

The Result
The Scoreboard was erected and finished off with an authentic bell, replica “signal boards” and traditional sign written blackboard inserts in time for the 1939 final race results to be unveiled at the re-union anniversary event.

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