Mr Callum Houston – Holmes Miller Architects – Managing Director

Mr David Gardner – Holmes Miller Architects – Director

The Challenge

As a result of the continual growth of well-established Architects practice Holmes Miller, it became essential for the creation of additional workspace and workstations during the refurbishment of their Head Office at Minerva Street, Glasgow.

A client affiliated with the construction industry and being well aware of the disruption to be caused to their operations, it was crucial for their transition from the old to the new to be as seamless a process as possible.

To be used as their flagship studios and showcase their work, the project included substantial layout changes and significant remodelling. The works comprised various bespoke joinery elements, specialist ceiling and other finishes, mechanical, electrical and associated IT alterations. All works were carried out within a live working environment with minimal disruption to Holmes Miller personnel whilst they continued to operate from the premises. As a result of the extended procurement periods of the bespoke elements and specialist materials, various works required to be completed out of normal sequence which in turn created its own challenges.

The Solution

Throughout final design and selection of specialist materials, GMACK’s planned procurement and programming procedures allowed our client to continually review how the construction operations would affect their own business needs. Where required, alterations were made to either the design or programme to minimise the overall impact and effect of the construction process.

Continued liaison with specialist material suppliers was an essential part of this process. GMACK ensured that an allowance was made for demonstrations of particularly challenging construction installations to ensure entire client satisfaction prior to completing the procurement of these elements.

Working closely with the client in relation to the sequencing of the works and phasing allowed Holmes Miller personnel to relocate and continue their operations within the office whilst experiencing minimal disruption.

As anticipated, a number of out of sequence construction operations resulted in “buildability” issues on site. Again, GMACK worked closely with the client offering alternative design solutions ensuring phased programme requirements were maintained with works continuing unimpeded to achieve the highest quality of finish.

The Result

To quote Mr David Gardner (Director) – “Wow – it looks like a Porsche showroom”.

The refurbishment works were completed timeously with minimal disruption to client’s own operations.

Holmes Miller Architects confirmed they are proud to showcase their refurbishment works at Minerva Street and are delighted with their new flagship studios.

Another project which GMACK will also showcase proudly for years to come.

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